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Search Engine Optimization is implementing strategies and tactics to increase your organic website ranking for specific keywords with traffic in Google Search, Google Maps and the other search engines.

In the past, 80% of all prospects would go to the Yellow Pages to source a local vendor. Now 78% of prospects without a referral go to Google to locate local vendors of the products and/or services they want to buy right now (Up from 68% last year!). These prospects already “have their wallet out, and are ready to buy”.

Just look at your own behavior when you are searching for local products and services. How many times have you queried Google for a local restaurant, retailer, medical provider, movie theatre or directions to a location for something you wanted to buy in the past week or month?

That makes Google the #1 resource prospects use to source goods and services locally. Google prospects tend to have higher incomes, and own smart phones and tablets to source things they already want to buy on Google. That makes them better than average prospects for your online marketing.

If a local business is not ranked on page #1 of Google for the top keywords that bring their business sales, they are losing about 78% of their potential market share!!!

Pahrump Internet Marketing Service is the leading local SEO Company that will deliver superior marketing results, and a lower cost per sale with Google marketing.

Pahrump Search Engine Optimization

Delivers High Return On Investment!

Our clients are receiving amazing ROI from their Search Engine Optimization, regularly outperforming their best previous ad campaigns. SEO is one of the top 3 lead generation strategies available today. Frequently, we can provide new clients at 1/2 – 1/3 of what you are now paying, with our unique strategies.

Mobile and voice searches are being increasingly used by prospects, and your search engine optimization strategy should take these factors into consideration to make your local business visible to those prospects.

Google Guaranteed Ads is a new category that Google has launched recently in some service classifications, and this has redirected those queries to their Google Guaranteed Ads clients.

Google My Business and Google Maps

Google My Business (GMB) has been around for years. These listings appear ABOVE the organic website listings. For this reason, local businesses should implement SEO optimization by a marketing agency that understands how to increase the rankings of BOTH your website and GMB page, simultaneously.

Many local business owners do not realize that only the GMB listings appear in Google Maps, which is more than 50% of all local search queries. So failing to optimize your GMB page leaves you virtually invisible to all prospects searching to buy the products and services you sell on mobile or on Google Maps.

Pahrump Search Engine Marketing Delivers Powerful and Trackable SEO Marketing Services!

How many times have you included “near me” in your online search queries? Many local prospects use this term daily, yet I see many local websites that are not optimized for this popular search phrase. You need to continually optimize for changes in search terms and the local competition.

What are Local Marketing Search Engine Optimization Strategies that Work to Increase Google Rankings?

There are more than 200 strategies we implement in our local SEO marketing services. Here are the top 10 SEO Strategies:

1) Google and Yelp Reviews

Prospect use other people experiences with your company as a “decision-making shortcut” to decide if your business will be the best local provider for them. Managing your reviews will increase your star profile and gain you more conversions to sale when prospects read about the good experiences others have had with your company.

2) Build Local Industry Relevant Directory Citations

There are about 300 Directory Citations that will increase your Google and other search engines ranking. The business name, address and phone number must be identical in all directory listings across the internet, or it will hurt your Google ranking.

3) Create and Optimize Your Google My Business Page

When you rank in the top 3 for Google My Business, your business will appear just below the paid ads at the top of page #1 in Google Search. This top 3 positioning generates tons of new sales and inquiries for the businesses ranked in the top 3. Only GMB listings are listed in Google Maps, so an optimized GMB page is essential to appear in all mobile searches, which automatically go to Google maps. This is also where prospects will find your Google reviews, on your Google My Business page. So this is where your reviews and reputation management begins.

4) Optimize Your Website Page Titles, H1 and H2 tags

Include your top keywords and popular keyword variations for the page in your page titles, H1, H2 tags and Meta descriptions for increased SEO value. A great Meta description can triple your Click Thru Rate (CTR), driving many more prospects to your website. Most businesses overlook the importance and value of a powerfully compelling Meta description.

5) Link Your Name, Address and Phone Number on Your Website to Your Google My Business Page

Be sure to include your business name, address, phone number with a Live Google Map in the footer of all pages, and on your contact page. This helps Google understand your local relevancy, and will give you a search engine rankings boost!

6) Use Local Schema Mark-up

I see schema markup implemented incorrectly all the time. This will hurt your rankings. We use special software that produces superior schema markup for a visible rankings increase.

7) Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly and Loads in About 2 Seconds

Google supplies a tool to check how your website looks and performs on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. You can test your websites’ mobile-friendliness here –

Over 50% of all Google Searches are now on mobile devices, so be sure

Your Website looks good and loads quickly on mobile.

Here is Google’s speed test for page loading speed. Test your site here:

8) Build High Quality Backlinks

Backlink quality is more important than backlink quantity. High-value, industry specific backlinks are essential for top Google and other search engines rankings.

9) Develop a Successful Social Media Strategy

Many businesses are wasting valuable time and money on Social Media strategies that “build your brand”, but do not increase sales. Our social media strategies are stripped down to only the ones that are proven to increase sales, and build your brand as a by-product of increasing sales. Not the other way around!

10) Create Memorable Website Content Targeting Your Top Keywords with Traffic

Your website content should be mapped out based on your top keywords and phrases with the highest traffic and ideally, the lowest competition. Map out your content strategy and website navigation to rank for your top keywords BEFORE you build your website, so that it will be seen as “relevant” in Google for your top keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Improvement Starts with Creating a Baseline Report of Your Current Google Ranking

Then we can work to increase the rankings for your top value keywords, and show you the rankings increases in monthly-personalized ranking reports for your business.

Search Engine Optimization Pahrump

In the image above, you can see that this local business is ranking in the top 3 near his location, but is in position 4 and 5 for the south end of Pahrump. Only the top 3 in Google My Business show on page #1 of Google Search. So this local business is not appearing on page #1 of Google for their top keywords with traffic in the entire south half of Pahrump. That is costing them sales!

You are probably wondering, “Can’t I just check my local ranking from my business location?” The answer is “No”. Ranking includes many factors including location and location of the internet provider you are using. I know it is counter-intuitive, but checking your actual Google ranking can only be done with special paid software.

Pahrump Internet Marketing Service uses 1 special software to track our clients Google website ranking, and another to track their GMB ranking. That way we can quickly see which keywords we are improving, and which might be going down so we can do something about it!

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SEO Summary

Now that you have read this SEO information, you have a greater understanding of what search engine optimization strategies will increase your local Google rankings.

You will find that local SEO is not impossibly difficult, but it is very time consuming to do it correctly. And if the strategy is implemented incorrectly, it may actually hurt your ranking.

If you would like a FREE Discovery Call to discuss having the local SEO experts at Pahrump Internet Marketing Service implement your local SEO strategy, Call (775) 237-3440. We will discuss your specific marketing challenges, and give you a workable plan to gain more market share and sales locally at a fraction of the cost of what you are now paying!