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Facebook ads increase sales quickly and easily.

Facebook ads deliver superior ROI due to the advertising targeting abilities not found on Google or other internet platforms. Targeted ads delivered to your ideal target audience are always more successful and profitable than non-targeted ads. Facebook has superior and incredibly powerful abilities to target your ideal prospects who buy your products and/or services.

Our Facebook ads campaigns focus on the 2 things that make a campaign successful. First we make sure that we are drilling down to find unique segments of buyers to target. Then we make sure the ad has an eye-catching design, and copy with a maximum number of response triggers to make it highly responsive.

We have found in our 42 years of local marketing experience by analyzing more than 100,000 local ads that ads with more response triggers always cause more prospects to respond to the same ad spend. This has consistently generated more responses at a lower cost per sale than ads with fewer response triggers.

Facebook ads
Facebook ads type

This is the First Time in Internet Marketing History that You Can Target Your Ideal Prospects by:


  • Demographics
  • Income
  • Location (down to zip code)
  • Interests
  • Age
  • Career
  • Shopping (behavioral online shopping history, do they buy shoes?)
  • Life Events (anniversaries, marriages, engagements, birthdays, etc.)
  • Ethnicity
  • Social Connections (to competitors businesses, industry events, associations, etc)
  • Education (specific college or school)
  • Hobbies (gardening, pets, guitar, travel, boats, cars, motorcycles, etc)
  • Sports (Football, Basketball, camping, fishing, mountain climbing, skydiving)
  • Beauty (down to product branding preferences)
  • Spending Power (history of how they spend money online)
  • And thousands of other unique targeting factors!

This advanced “sniper vs. shotgun” targeting makes your Facebook ads campaigns deliver leads at a lower cost than any Media this marketing agency uses today. And when you generate leads at a lower cost than your competition, it not only increases your profit margin, but it gives you a competitive advantage, because you are generating new clients and sales at a lower cost. That makes your advertising budget go farther while generating more leads and sales.

You Can Even Target Past Website Visitors (who
didn’t purchase yet) with a Retargeting Ad to Dramatically Increase Sales from Your Website!

Retargeting with Facebook Ads


Retargeting or remarketing is an easy to implement marketing strategy that dramatically increases conversion to sale from your website visitors.

Retargeting works by placing a cookie in the website visitors’ browser when they visit your website. Then when they are on Facebook later, your ad will pop up several times in the next few days to remind them they visited your website and possibly give them a special offer or incentive to return to your website or store to buy.

You can get ahead of your competition and make your website deliver more sales by implementing retargeting campaigns for your business now.

Retargeting Facebook ads are a marketing strategy that every business with website visitors can use to increase sales consistently. Retargeting can be implemented affordably.

You can set the time of delay after they leave your site, and the number of times that the visitor will see your retargeting ad. When these settings are right, your visitor is reminded at a favorable interval, not hounded for weeks. Facebook is one of the best retargeting platforms because so many people are on Facebook daily!

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads Give You the Ability to Easily Collect Name, Email and Phone Number from Leads Directly from Facebook, and/or Offer Coupons and Seasonal Specials to Get Them to Return to Your Website and Become Loyal Customers to Increase Your Average Lifetime Customer Value.

If you are a local service business, you can generate leads from Facebook ads without even building a website! (Like you would need for Google Ads/formerly AdWords)

Facebook Local business ads

Facebook has one type of ad that is perfect for local businesses and gets tons of leads. These “Lead ads” get a higher response rate because Facebook automatically pre-populates the fields with Name, Email and Phone number with the information from the prospects Facebook account. So all the prospect has to do is click “Submit”.

Testing Response Triggers in Facebook Advertising Improves Results and Lowers Costs per Click

The Facebook advertising campaigns we launch include up to 6 different images to test on the first campaign to see which image is most responsive for your target audience.

Then on the following campaigns, we individually test different headlines, body copy and offers to see which of those response triggers outperform the others. This results in images, headlines, body copy and offers that work the best and will consistently produce the greatest results, while simultaneously cutting down the cost-per-click charges by refining our audience.

In the past, you had to guess from experience, which image, headline, body copy and offer will work best in your ad campaigns. But split-testing of different advertising response triggers can be accomplished quickly and easily with the Facebook ads platform.

We will use your actual prospects to tell us which image, headline, body copy and offer they prefer. Our proven system of individually testing the key advertising response triggers in Facebook ads campaigns can triple the leads generated, while lowering cost per result and campaign costs.

Facebook Advertising Reporting


All our Facebook ads campaigns also include call tracking and call recording to ensure accurate tracking of all responses. You can see exactly how many leads have been generated, see the date, time and duration of the call, and hear what the prospect said without having to lift a finger yourself. We will send you the reports so you can easily see and review your campaign results.

Facebook Advertising Reporting

Large multi-national companies and even Adidas have changed their marketing to all online marketing, and you should too. The professionals at Pahrump Internet Marketing Service, Pahrump’s premier marketing agency, have the software, training and experience to generate more leads than you have ever seen from any Media since the Yellow Pages!

Risk-Free Money-back Guarantee on Facebook Ads Campaigns!


Pahrump Internet Marketing Service is so certain we will crush it with tons of leads from our Facebook ads for your business that we will guarantee your results. We will refund you 100% of our fees charged if you are not completely satisfied with our professionalism and your results after the first 2 weeks of your Facebook ads campaign.

Only about 4% of local practices and businesses are implementing Facebook ads right now, so you can get ahead of the competition by taking advantage of this lucrative source of low-cost, highly targeted leads by implementing highly profitable Facebook advertising campaigns for your local business.

Our Facebook ads campaigns go far beyond just “boosting your post”, which is the least effective way to advertise on Facebook.


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